Inspirational MSN Names

~;)(L)(R)*¤Hôw dô ï te££ ü thãt ï £ôvê ü wïthôüt tellïn ü thãt ï £ôvê ü?*¤(R)(L);)~

(6)(L) Im LoSt, CoNfUsEd, DoNt KnOw WoT tO dO bUt aLL i No Is ThT i LuV u (L)(6)

PrAcTiCe MaKeS pErFeCt BuT NoBoDiEs PeRfEcT sO y PrAcTiCe?

😀 NoBoDiEs PeRfEcT sO i MuSt Be NoBoDy 😀

😛 Im NoBoDy AnD nObOdIeS pErFeCt So I MuSt Be PeRfEcT 😛

:D:P;) Do vegitarians eat animal crackers?!??!?! ;):P:D

7/5 øƒ ål£ p€øþlé Ðøñt ûñðèr§tãnÐ ƒ®å¢tìøñ§

(#):D(R) it takes both, rain and sunshine to make a rainbow… (R):D(#)

😀 Y dOeS MiNeRaL wAtEr “tRiCkLeD tHrOuGh MoUnTaiNs FoR cEnTuRiEs” gO oUt oF DaTe NeXt yEaR? 😀

(%) if you stole a pen from the bank is it still classed as a bank robbery (%)

(6):P if dracula has no reflection how cum he has such a sraight parting? :P(6

(6)(K)(R) I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they got closer…then it hit me (R)(K)(6)

😛 Roses are red…violets are blue…who cares…So ArE cRaYoNs 😛

:S What do you call a female daddy long legs :S

:>Should i smile, cuz ur my friend…..or be sad cuz thts all we’ll ever be:'(

(K)OnE dAy YoU LoVe Me ThEn YoU dOnT aNd WhEn YoU dO i KnOw i WoNt(K)

😉 LoOk OuT fOr YoUr’E #1 bUt DoNt StEp InTo # 2 On ThE wAy 😉

:S(G)(^) If yOuRe BoRn On 29th FeB iN a LeAp YeAr WhEnS yA BiRtHdAy (^)(G):S

(k)(r):>:S If swimming is so good for you’re figure how do you explain whales? :S:>(r)(k)

(U) Its better to regret something you did do…than something you didnt do (U)

😦 😥 Its hard to answer the question–Whats Wrong–When nothings right 😥 😦

:S Why do we feel blue? and what color does a smurf feel when they’re down? :S

(U):'( What happens if you love sum1 n they love u too, but it can never be? :'((U)

:S If 2mora is going to be twice as cold as it is today, and if today is 0 degrees, how cold will it be 2mora :S

:S:|Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow,and when I woke up the pillow was gone:|:S

(L) The Ones Closet To You Are The Ones That Hurt You The Most (U)

WhO sAyS gOd iSnT a WoMaN 😛

(A):P OrGaNiZeD PeOpLe ArE jUsT tOo LaZy To LoOk FoR tHiNgS :P(A)

Your lucky number is 38598291948 – Watch For It Everywhere (Y)

8-)(@) What happens when a black cat walks under a ladder and breaks a mirror (@)8-)

(6)(L)(K)(r):D If GuYs HaD tHeiR pEriOd ThEy’D pRoBaBLy BrAg BoUt Da SiZe Of ThErE TaMpOn :D(r)(k)(L)(6)

(*) Working hard for something is better than wishing for it (*)

(6)(L);) You never lose by loving….You lose by holding back ;)(L)(6)

You might as well put a condom on your head…you might as well look like a dick cuz you act like one too

:> A smile is a curve that can, Straighten out a lot of things :>

let them notice you, not you notice them

JuSt BeCaUSe (K)LiPs(K) HaVe MeT DoESn’t MeAn (L)HeArTs(L) HaVe JoInEd

(U)ñèvë® §åÿ ¥øù hãtê hím ìƒ ¥øù çåñt l€t hîm gø(U)

(U) How Do You Know If Its Right? And if it is…what if youve already let him go? (U)

(L) *~Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay Love isn’t love till you give it away~* (L)



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