MSN Names By Alphabat C

Call Me A Slut Then Turn And Run, It Wont Hurt My Feelings Cause Sluts Have More Fun!

Call Me Anytime, I Won’t Be Home!

Call Me, Beep Me If You Wanna Reach Me!

Call The Ambulance I Need To Go Cause Your Light The Sun Took My Eyes When I Looked At You!

Called Each Other Names, But We Never Noticed Our Frendship Went Down In Flames, I Didn’t Know What Was Going On, Next Thing I Knew, You Were Gone!

Can I Borrow Your Library Card Because I Wanna Check You Out!

Can I Get Directions To Your Heart, Im Kinda Lost In Your Eyes!

Can I Go Thru Your Clsoet, I Need A Halloween Costume!

Can I Have Your Picture So I Can Show Santa What I Want For Christmas?

Can I Take A Hike Down Your Happy Trail

You Can Make More Friends In Two Months By Becoming Interested In People Than In Two Years By Truing To Get People Interested in You!

Cancel My Subscription…I’m Over Your Issues

Candy Canes Are Yummy And Lollipops Are Good, My Baby Loves Me Just Like He Should!

Candy Is Sweet And So Is Pie but No One Is As Sweet As I!

Candy Is Sweet But My Kisses Are Better!

Cant Nobody Whup me Except My Mommy!

CAUTION: I’m Having A Blonde Moment. Please Speak Slowly And Use Small Words

CAUTION: Im Mental, Communicate Wit me At Your Own Risk!

Cheerleaders Are Angles Cause Were The Only Humans Who Can Fly!

Cheerleaders Are the Best Because We can Fly, Jump. Flip And We Can Kick Off The Pests!

Children In The Dark Causes Accident And Accident In The Dark Causes Children!

Chillin’ At The Holiday Inn

Competitoon Is Nada…There Aint Nobody Hotta!

Computers: A Really Hot One…Oops…My Fault…That’s My Reflection!

Computers: Hmm…Well, It Freezes Up On me, it Plays Games With Me And I Can Turn It On With A Push Of A Button…Yeah Pretty Much Call It A Guy!

Condoms Arn’t Completely Safe…A Friend Of Mine Was Wearing One And Got Hit By A Bus!

Curiosity Killed The Cat But The Monkey Gets Away With Murder!

Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die, That Clothes And Make Up, Boys And Lies Forever Dare Til The End Definition Of A True Best Friend!

Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die, I’ll Kiss A Boy And Make Him Cry!

Cry Your Heart Out, Let It All Go Cause Remember After Every Tear Comes A Rainbow!

Cute Enough To Make You Look Twice, Hot Enough But Not Too Nice!



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