MSN Names By Alphabat D

Daddy’s Little Girl, But Not The Girl That Daddy Knew, Daddy Never Had A Clue!

Damn Girl, You Got An Onion Booty…So Damn Good It Makes Me Want To Cry!

Dance With Your Heart, Dans What You Feel And That’s When You Know The Dancer Is Real!

Dawn To Dawn, Dusk To Dusk Life’s Too Short So Party We Must!

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds Are Nice, And So Are Pearls, But Nothing Compares To Good Looking Girls!

Did I Look Like I Cared?…Oops Let Me Try Again…

Did It Hurt When I Fell From Heaven? No But It Hurt When They Clippes My Wings For Being The Devil!

Did The Sun Just Come Out Or Did You Just Smile At Me?

Did You Fall Down The Ugly Tree And Hit Every Branch On Your Way Down?

Did You Know Im Invisible?…But Only When No One Is Around!

Didnt Wanna See This Day Come Now All I Wanna Do Is Trun And Run Didn’t Wanna Have To Cry Now He Can’t Even Look Me In The Eye Well! Now It’s His Turn To Be Hurt Cause I Wont Take Being Treated Like Dirt A Girl Will Only Take So Much And Now Hunny Your Time Is Up!

Do Guys Really Care About How You Feel Or Just How You Look?

Do I Look Like A Grocery Item To you? Cause I See You Checking Me Out!

Do I Look Like A Lollipop To You? Cause Your Licking My Foot!

Do Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?

Do You Believe In Love At First Site,Or Should I Walk Bu You Again?

Do You Have A Band-Aid Cause I Skinned My Knee When I Fell For You!

Do You Have Jelly Cause I’d like To Spread It On Your Biscuits All Night!

Do You Know From Reading This You Have Wasted 10 Seconds Of Your Life!

Do You Love Me? ? Do you not? You told me once! But I forgot, now tell me now and tell me true. So I can say I (L) U D

Does This Look Like A Face That Cares?

Does Your Father, The Baker, Need Help buttering The Buns Tell Him I Would Like The Job!

Doggy Style, Bread And Butter, Up A Tree Or In The Gutter, Just For Fun Or Getting Paid, Everyone Loves Getting Laid!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself, The People Who Matter Don’t Care The People That Care Don’t Matter!

Dont Always Go For A Guy Who Can Sweep You Off Your Feet, Cause He Can Drop You On Your ass Just As Fast!

Don’t Be A Guy, The Worls Is Full Of Guys! Be A Man!

Dont Be Afraid Of Fear, Let It Be Afraid Of You!

Dont Be Mean Unless You Gotta And If You Gotta Be As Mean As You Can!

Don’t Call Me A Goddess, Don’t Call Me A Queen, Just Call Me The Cutest Princess You’ve Ever Seen!

Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened!

Don’t Cry Over Anyone Who Won’t Cry Over You!

Don’t Denie It Until You Try It!

Don’t Do Drugs Everyone Knows Alcohol Lasts Longer!

Don’t Drink Water, Fishes Have Sex In It!

Don’t Ever Be Afraid To Come To Me And Cry, Don’t Ever Be Hesitating To Look Me In The Eye, Don’t Ever Be Afraid To Tell Me How Youo Feel Remember you’re my Girl And We Got To Keep It Real!

Don’t Ever Depend On The Rabbits Foot For Good Luck When It’s Obvious It Didnt Work For The Rabbit!

Don’t Flatter Yourself, I Was Looking At Your Friend!

Don’t Follow In My Footsteps, I Run Into Walls!

Don’t Go For Looks, They Deceive, Don’t Go For Money, Wait…Go For Money Then When It’s Gone Move On To The Next Guy!

Don’t Hate Me Cause Im Beautiful…Hate Me Cause Your Boyfriend Thinks I Am!

Dont Hate The Players…Hang Around To Get Leftovers!

Don’t Kiss In The Garden, Don’t Kiss At The Gate Cause Love Is Blind But The Neighbours Aren’t!

Don’t Leave This Hole In My Heart!

Don’t Like My Attitude? Call 1-800-KISS-MY-ASS

Don’t Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice!

Dont Mess With The Best Cause The Best Don’t Mess!

Don’t Play Stupid With Me…Im Better At It!

Don’t Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars Just Promise Me You’ll Stay Under Them With Me!

Don’t Push Anyone To Hard, If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Happen!

Don’t Say You Love Me Unless You Really Mean Ii Cause I Might Do Something Crazy Like Believe It!

Don’t Settle For The One You Can Live With…Wait For The One You Can’t Live Without!

Don’t Skip Classes, Just Take The Whole Day Off!

Dont Smile, My Boyfriend Will Fall For It!

Don’t Smoke Cause It’ll Make You Choke!

Don’t Stick Your Tongue Out Unless You Intend To Use It!

Don’t Tell Me How To Pick My Friends, Im Good At That…Remember, I Picked You!

Don’t Tell Me The Sky’s The Limit, Theres Foot Prints On the Moon!

Don’t Think Of It As Loosing, Think Of It As Getting Beat By A Girl!

Don’t Think Of Me As The Best Looking Person In The Whole World… Think Of Everyone In The World Uglyer Than Me!

Don’t Treat Me Any Differently Than You Would The Queen

Don’t Turn Your Back On Your Friends, Because It’s The Best Target!

Dont Upset Me Im Running Out Of Places To Hide The Bodies!

Don’t Wait To Tell The Person You Love With All Your Heart You Lobe Them Cause You Could Miss Your Chance!

Dont Walki In Front Of Me, I May Not Follow…Don’t Walk Behind Me I May Not Lead Just Walk Beside Me And Be My Buddy!

Don’t Waste Your Time On A Guy Who Won’t Waste His Time On You!

Don’t Wish Upon A Star, Reach For One!

Dont Worry About Knowing People, Make Yourself Worth Knowing!

Dream As If You’ll Live Forever…Live As If You’ll Die Tomorrow!

Dreams Are Just Facts With Exciting Details To Keep You Entertained!

Dreams Can Come True If You Take The Time To Think About What You Want In Life!



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