MSN Names By Alphabat E

Everyone Is Meant For Someone…I Believe That You Are My Someone!

Everyone Knows That Im Shy, And I Could Barely Ever Approach A Guy But I Wanna Find A Way To Get You To Notice Me And I Wanna Get With You As You Can See!

Everyone Says You Only Fall In Love Once But That’s Not True, Everytime I Hear Your Voice I Fall In Love All Over Again!

Everyone Who Lives Dies But Not Everyone Who Dies Lives!

Everythign Bright When They Get Mad They Explode When There Happy They Make Everything Glow!

Evil Is Just Live Spelled Backwords!

Evil Shouldn’t Look This Good!

Excuse Me, I Think I Dropped Something…My Jaw!

Experience Is The Worst Teacher, It Gives The Test Before Presenting The Lesson!

Extreme Is Not A Mood, It’s A Life-Style!



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