MSN Names By Alphabat F

Fact: If You Ever Hurt Me…You Get It Back 10 Times Worst! Faith Is Believing In Things When Common Sense Tells You Not To! Far Enough? That’s The Problem…It Hasn’t Gone Far Enough! Fear Is Nothing But The Anticipation Of Pain, Be It Physical, Mental, Spiritual Or Emotional! Finally 18 And Legally Able To Do Everything I’ve Been Doing Since I Was 13! Fine Guys Open My Eyes, Smart Guys Open My Mind But Only A Sweet Guy Can Open My Heart! First A Fire, Then A Flame…I’m The Girl No Guy Can Tame! First God Created Man…Then He Had A Better Idea! First Time I Saw You…I Knew It Was True…I’d Love You Forever And That’s What I’ll Do! Flirtation: Attention With Intention! Flirting Isn’t A Sin…It’s A Hobby! Flowers Are ok, Jewellery’s Are Best, Look At Me Idiot Not At My Chest, Don’t Call Me A Girl, A Babe Or A Chick I Am A Women Get It You Dick For All You Blondes Who Think You It…Compared To This Brunette You Aint Nothing But Shit! For Every Minute You Spend Angry, You loose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness! For Love I’d Do Anything For You I’d Do More! Forget The Times You Walked by, Forget The Times You Made Me Cry, Forget The Times You Held My Hand, Forget The Sweet Things If I Can I Can no Pretend I Got To Remember Now Your Just My Friend! Friends …Forever, Guys…Whatever, When Worst Comes To Worst My Girls Come First! Friends Are Friends Til One Lies, (Name) To You I Say Bye Bye! Friends Are Like Condoms, The Protect Us When Things Get Hard! Friends Are Like Elevator Buttons, They Can Either Take You Up Or Bring You Down, Choose Wisely! Friends Are Like Four Leaf Clovers Hard To Find But Nice To Have! Friends Are Like Stars They Come And Go But The One’s That Stay Are The One’s That Glow! Friends Are Like Stars You Cant Always See Them But You Always Know Their There! Friends Are Like Stars… You cant always see them but you know there always there Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink And Take Home Ugly Guys! Friends Last Forever But Boyfriends Only Last So Long! Friends Last…Boyfriends Don’t! Friends Should Be There When You Are Crying From A Guy Instead Of Flirting With The Guy! Friendship Is Just A Word But My Girls Give It A Meaning! Frustrated Cause I Can’t Tell If It’s Real Mad Cause I Don’t Know How You Feel Upset Cause We Can’t Make It Right Sad Cause I Need You Day And Night And Angry Cause You Won’t Take My Hand Aggricated Cause You Don’t Understand Dissapointed Cause We Can’t Be Together But I’ll Still Love You Forever Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair, But Who Gives A Cause I Got Lots Of Hair!



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