MSN Names By Alphabat G

Geeks Are Like Dog’s…They’ll Drool All Over You!

Geez…Today Was A Total Waste Of Makeup!

Girl, I Got More Games Than A Playstation!

Girls Are Better Than Boys, We All Know It, Boys Try To Hard, But Still Don’t Show It!

Girls Are Like Fireworks There Kiss Lights Up The Night There Hugs Make Ecrything Bright When They Get Mad They Explode When They Are Happy They Make Everything Glow!

Girls Are Like Phone, We Like To Be Held And Talked To…But If You Press The Wrong Button You’ll Be Disconnected!

Girls Are So Complexe, They Confuse Themselves!

Girls Cheat But We Never Get Caught!

Girls Don’t Flaunt It Cause I Don’t Want It!

Girls Go To College To Get More Knowledge, Boys Go To Jupiter To Get Stupider!

Girls Your Kinda Like Vitamin C, Because You Make My Bone Get Hard!

Give A Mouse A Cookie, He’ll Want A Glass Of Milk!

Give Me A Kiss, Give Me The World, Give Me Your Love And I’ll Be Your Girl. Give Me A Smile, Give Me Your Time, Give Me Your Love And I’ll Give You Mine!

Give Me A Vodka On The Rocks…Hold The Vodka, Im A Designated Driver…Hum…Give Me A Glass Of Ice And That’d Be Nice!

Give Me This, Give Me That, I Guess Im A Spoiled Brat Buy Me Rubys, Buy Me Pearl, I Love Being Daddy’s Little Girl!

Give Me, Give Me, Give Me The Time Of My Life…Show Me, Show Me, Show Me What Loving Is Like, Give Me, Give Me, Give me The Time Of My Life, So Right, So Right, And Then PPOOUUFF!…I Am Yours!

Go Ahead Cry A River And I Will Build You A Bridge To Get Over It!

Go Away…I Have Enough Friends All Ready!

Go Find A Straw Because You Suck!

Go Get A Life…But Don’t Go Where (Name) Went It Was A Rip Off!

God Created Men First, Cause You Always Make A Rough Drafy Before The Masterpiece!

God Made Beer, God Made Wine, God Made My Man So Damn Fine!

God Made Butter, God Made Cheese, God Made Me For You To Please!

God Made Elks, God Made Deers, God Made NSYNC A Bunch Of Queers!

God Made Men A Penis And A Brain, But Not Enough Blood To Supply To Run Both At Once!

God Made Mountains, God Made Trees, God Made (Name), But We All Make Mistakes!

God Made Mud, God Made Dirt, God Made Guys So Girls Could Flirt!

God Made The Land, God Made The Sea, God Needed A Princess So He Made Me!

God Made The Wind Blow, God Made The Sun Shine, But How The Hell Did He Make You So Fine!

God Make Coke, God Made Pepsi God Made Some Girls Way To Sexy!

Good Looking Girls Are Hard To Find, That’s Why You Don’t See Me Too Often!

Good Made Man First…Woman Was Just An Afterthought!

Got To Go…Love Ya Tough!

Grab A Knife Take You Life, So Pay The Toll And Achieve Your Goals To Be Free Is All I Want To Be!

Guess Who I Saw Today?…Everyone I Looked At!

Guys Act Like Dicks To Make Up For What They Don’t Have!

Guys Are Just Here To Mess With Our Heads And Screw Us Over

Guys Are Like A Piece Of Gum, When They Loose There Flavor You Pop In A New One!

Guys Are Like Boom-A-Rangs, You Can Throw Them Away, But They Always Come Back!

Guys Are Like Crayons…64 Is Better Than One!

Guys Are Like Dogs…They Have To Be Trained!

Guys Are Like Lays Chips…Betcha Cant Have Just One!

Guys Are Like Mascara…They Run Through Every Emotion!

Guys Are Like Parking Spaces All The Good One Are Taken!

Guys Are Like Piano’s…What You Get Out Of Them Depends On How You Play Them!

Guys Are Like Puppies…They’re Cute And Playful Until They Become Dogs!

Guys Are Like Rollercoasters…They Either Make You Sick Or They Give You The Time Of Your Life!

Guys Are Like Roses…Watch Out For The Pricks!

Guys Are Like Slinkies…It’s Always Fun To Watch Them Fall Down The Stairs!

Guys Are Like Stars…Theres Millions Of Them, But Only One Can Make Your Wish Come True!

Guys Are Like Toilets…There Either Occupied Or Full Of Shit!

Guys Are Pigs…And Of Course I Always Get The Runt!

Guys Are Players, That’s A Fact…Don’t Fall In Love, Just Play Them Back!

Guys Don’t Say Ex…They Say Next!

Guys Have Feelings Too…But Who Cares?

Guys…If They Do Something Right, They Never Do It Again And If They Do Something Again, They Never Do It Right!



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