MSN Names By Alphabat H

Hapiness Is Like Wetting You Pants…Everyone Can See It But Only You Can Feel It’s Warmth!

Harrrd, Harrrd, Harrrd…Christmas Is Sweeping The Season!

Have You Ever Noticed That The Worst Way To Miss Someone Is When They Are Right Beside And You Know You Can’t Have Them!

He Abuses Her With Hug’s And Kisses!

He Broke My Heart And Made Me Cry…Now Repeat After Me Baby Bye Bye Bye!

He Broke My Heart…So I Broke His Jaw!

He Holds Me When I Start To Cry, Makes Me Smile With Just His Eyes, Shares My Hopes, Dreams, Fears, Wipes Away All My Tears Love Him With Out Regret, I Juste Haven’t Found Him Yet!

He Looked Me Deeply In The Eyes, He Lied And Said I Won’t Make You Cry And When I Thought It Was To Good To Be True, He Blew Me Off And Found Someone New!

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, I Don’t Care…I Am Hot, No Make-Up, No Rules, I Got All The Tools, Got Me?

He Who Laughs Last Didn’t Get The Joke!

He Who Laughs Last Thinks Slowest

Hearts Chage…I Know They Do But, A Part From This Heart Will Always Belong To You!

Heaven Won’t Have Me And Hell’s Afraid I’ll Take Over!

Help!..I Started Talking And Now I Can’t Shut Up!

He’s Looking So Fine…He’s Got To Be Mine!

Hey Babe, How Bout You Come And Sit On My Lap And We’ll Talk About The First Thing That Pops Up!

Hey Babe, If You Were A New Hamburger At McDonalds I Would Name You The McVery Sexy!

Hey Girl, Your Boy Came Back To My Place Last Night And He’s Fine…I Was His Six And He Was My Nine!

Hi, I’m Probably Home…I’m Just Avoiding Someone I Don’t Like! Leave A Message And If I Don’t Call You Back, That Someone Is You!

Hi, My Name Is Charlie…Would You Be My Angel!

Honk If You Love Britney Spears, Then Drive Your Car Into The Nearest Tree!

Honk If You Want To See My Finger!

Hot Girl + Hot Guy = Hot Time In Bed!

How Can I Get Over You When Your All I Think About?

How Can You Be Friends With Someone If Everytime You Look At Them, It Makes You Want Them Even More!

How Come You Have Enough Time To Go Out And Make Other People Fall In Love With You, But You Don’t Have Enough Time To Pay Attention To The One Who Already Does!

How Do I Stop Crying When The One Person That Can Make Me Stop Is The One That Made Me Start!

Huked On Foniks Wurket Fer Me…Kan’t Cha Tell?

Hummm…What Am I Supose To Type Here?

Hummm…Youre The Bomb!

Hunny, I Got Style And I Got Pride You Better Strap Your Man Down Otherwise Im Gonna Give Him A Ride!



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