MSN Names By Alphabat I

I Ain’t A Player, I Just Crush A lot!

I Always Knew Looking Back On The Tears Would Make Me Laugh But I Never Knew Looking Back On The Laughs Would Make Me Cry!

I Always Thought The Barney Song Was Full Of Shit…Then I Met You And The Song Came True!

I Am A Fan Of Talent…Not Backstreet Boys!

I Am A Girl So Love Me!

I Am A Princess, I Live In The Clouds, If You Want To Kick It With Me You Better Bow Down…So Get On You Kneew And Call Me You Highness Cause Baby Believe Me Im New Yorks Finest!

I Am Actually Quite Pleasant…Til Im Awake!

I Am Beginning To Think He Likes Me…Should I Like Him Back?

I Am Independent And Abusive…Stay Out Of The Way!

I Am Just A Girl Standing Infront Of A Boy Asking Him To Love Me!

I Am Multi-Talented I Can Talk And Piss You Off At The Same Time!

I Am Not A Player…I’m The Game!

I Am Only (Age) But I Act Like 18 And To All My Friends Out There, You Know What I Mean, Us Girls Play Around With These Things Called Boys But They Use Us As Designated Toys!

I Am The Sun And You Are The Moon…So Without You The Night Woudn’t Feel Right!

I Am Too Much Princess For One Boy!

I Am Who I Am Today Because Of The Choices I Made Yesterday!

I Asked For A Flower, He Gave me A Garden…I Asked For A Tree, He Gave Me A Forest…I Asked For A Pond And He Gave Me An Ocean I Ask For A Friend And He Gives Me You!

I Ate My Homework Because It Was A piece Of Cake!

I Believe In Angels Because I Am One!

I Believe In Angels, The Kind That Heaven Sends, Im Surrounded By Angels But I Call Them My Friends

I Believe In The Devil Because I Am The Devil!

I Can Be Your Hunny, I Can Be Your Wife, But Where The Heck Is My Life!

I Can Find Anyone To Hold Me What I Need From You Is For You To Love Me!

I Can Only Please One Persone Per Day, Today Is Not You Day And Tomorrow Doesn’t Look Good Either!

I Can See You Over There Just Chillin With You Girlfriends, Can’t Believe In Yourself…You Should Be Here With Me!

I Could Die At Any Minute, The Tragedy Is That I Don’t!

I Cry Everynight Wishing You Were Mine But When I Talk To Yoy, You Make Everythign Fine, You Broke My Heart And That’s A True Crime All I Wanted Was For You To Make Time!

I Cry For The Time That You Were Almost Mine, I Cry For The Memories I’ve Left Behind, I Cry For The Pain, The Lost, The Old And The new, I Cry For The Times I Thought I Had You!

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You, But Your Sexy When You Cry, Maybe I Really Love You…Haha…Aren’t I Cute When I Lie!

I Didn’t Ask To Be A Princess But You Know What They Say…If The Crown Fits!

I Didn’t Ask To Be A Princess…I Asked To Be A Queen!

I Do Believe That God Above Created Me For You To Love, He Picked You Out Among The Rest Cause He Knows I’d Love You The Best!

I Don’t Chase Them…I Just Replace Them!

I Don’t Come With A Dice…So Don’t Play Me!

I Don’t Have A Cow…So I Don’t Need Your Bull!

I Don’t Have An Attitude Problem…Im Supose To Be Like This!

I Don’t Like You Cause Your Nice I Don’t Like You Cause Your Popular Your The Hotter That’s Non Stop!

I Don’t Need To Dream…I Got You!

I Don’t Need To Point Out My Best Qualities…They Stick Out On Their Own!

I Don’t Need Your Attitude…I Have One Of My Own!

I Don’t Play Hard To Het…I Play To Get You Hard!

I Don’t Suffer From Insanity…I Enjoy Every Minute Of It!

I Don’t Swin In You Toilet So Don’t Pee In My Pool!

I Don’t Think Im Hot…But It’s What Your Man Keeps On Telling Me!

I Don’t Want To Cry A Tear For You, So Forgive Me If I Do…I’d Do Anything…I’d Give You The World I’d Wait Forever To Be Your Girl!

I Don’t Want You To Love Me, I Don’t Want You To Care, I Don’t Want You Wishing I Was There…If You Really Love And You Truly Care Than Stop Spending Nights Wishing I Was There

I Don’t Worry, I Don’t Care…Im Gonna Marry A Millionaire!

I Don’t Worship The Devil…The Devil Worships Me!

I Dream Of Being The Best Dream, You Dream Of Being Better Than Me I Say To You…Dream On!

I Dropped A Tear In The Ocean When I Find It, Is The Day I’ll Stop Loving You!

I Fell Head Over Heals For You, I Know Other Positions Too!

I Float Like A Butterfly, I Sting Like A Bee, Your Hands Can’t Touch What They Can’t See!

I Guess I Can Kiss Heaven Goodbye Cause It Must Be A Sin To Look This Good!

I Guess We’ll Never Know Exacly Where This Rivers Gonna Flow And I Guess We’ll Never Understand Until We Reach That Promise Land!

I Had A Dream That I Still Loved You…I Think I Woke Up Screaming!

I Had A Friend Once But, The Rope Broke And He Got Away!

I Has A Party Last Night You Didn’t Come…But Your Boy Did…Twice!

I Have A Black Belt In Shopping!

I Have A Confession, I Must Confess, I Was Told I Was The Absolute Best!

I Have PMS And A Gun Now Do You Have Something To Say?

I Haven’t Found My Mr. Right Just Mr, Rude, Mr. He Think He Looks Better Than Me And Mr. Gives A New Meaning To P-I-G!

I Heard You Bragging About The First Time We Kissed…Hunny I Only Did It Because I Was Pissed!

I Hereby Place (Name) Under Arrest For Violating Code 69 Disturbing The Public With Your Extreme Good Looks And Charming Personnality, Your Two Remain Silent And Report To My Room, ASAP!

I Just Act Like A Damsel In Distress So My Prince Will Come!

I Just Don’t Know Why The Boys Treat Girls Like That I Think They Need To Learn More About Us You Know?

I Just Realised It’s So Lonely Being Free!

I Know At Graduation Day I’m Gonna Cry, Because I Know I Found Friends That Are True Til I Die!

I Know I’ve Always Been Blessed Cause Im A Pretty Princess!

I Know Kung Fu, Karate And 47 Other Dangerous Words

I Know My Calculous It Saus You+Me=Us

I Know That I Outta Find Someone New, But All I Find Is Myself, Always Thinking Of You!

I Know You Think Im Sexy I Know You Think Im Fine But Like All The Other Guys Take A Number And Wait In Line!

I Know You Think You Broke My Heart, But I Knew Your Game Right From The Start Saw Your Game And Played It Too So Laugh It All Up Player The Joke Was On You!

I Know You Think You Broke My Heart, I Know You Think You Made Me Cry…But Guess What, Not Every Player Is A Guy!

I Know You Want To Do It You Know I Want To Do It So We Can make Sandwiches You Can Be The Bun And I Can Be The Burger!

I Leave Bite Marks…Often!

I Like My Guys Like I Like Basketabll, One On One With As Little Dribbling As Possible!

I Like Your Boyfriend!

I Live In Heaven Where Dreams Come True, But If They Are Supposed To Then Why Am I Not With You?

I Look At Her As A Friend Then I Realised I Loved Her!

I Look At The Moon And A Single Star, It’s Making Me Crazy Wondering Where You Are I Reach Out And Touch That Heavenly Face Open My Hand And There’s Empty Space!

I Look At You A Thousand Times But This Time When I Looked At You There Was Something New How Could I Be So Blind?

I Look At You And Think Of Myself, Why Do I Miss You So Much When Your Standing Right Next To Me?

I Look For A Guy With A VCR…Very Cute Rear!

I Look Like An Angel And Act Like One Too…But You Never Know What Angels Will Do!

I Looked Him Into The Eye, Looked Down At His Lips, Moved Closer To Him And Gave Him A Kiss!

I Lost My Number, Can I Have Yours?

I Love Him So Much It Turns To Hate!

I Love Him Yes I Do, He’s For Me And Not For You, So If By Chance You Take My Place Prepare For A Smack In The Face!

I Love Hum….Let’s See…Basketball!…You Thought I Was Gonna Say You Huh? Too Bad!

I Love Rainbows, I love Rain, I Love You And Um…Forgot The Rest But I Think Yout Hot!

I Love This Quote, Do You Like It?

I Love What You’ve Don’t With Your Hair, How Did You Get It To Come Out Of One Nostril Like That?

I Love When You Look At Me, Cause I Know For A Second You’ve Crossed My Mind!

I Love You But You Don’t Love Me!

I Loved You Once, I Love You Still, Always Have And Always Will!

I Loved You Once, You Loved Me Once, I Loved You Twice, But You Forgot, You Never Loved Me, You Never Will But Even So I Love You Still!

I May Be Blonde But Im Not Stupid!

I May Not Always Be Right But Im Never Wrong!

I May Not Be A Flingstone But I Sure Can Make Your Bed Rock!

I May Not Be Blond But I Sure Am Dumb!

I May Not Be Perfect, but Im So Damn Close To Scary!

I Must Be Wishing On Someone Else’s Star Because She Keeps On Getting What Im Wishing For!

I Never Meant To Hurt You But Yout So Pretty When You Cry

I Never Really Noticed I Never ReallY Cared, How Much I Love You, But Now It’s Drifferent And I Just Want To Say I Love You!

I Never Said It Was Your Fault…I Just Said I Was Blaming It On You!

I Never Thought That There Would Be A Day Where I Forgot All My Problems But Then The Day I Met You Came And They All Just Ran Away!

I Only Cheer On Two Occasions…Day And Night!

I Only Get PMS On The Days That End With The Y!

I Only Play Soccer On The Days That End In Y!

I Picked A Star To Wish Upon Form All The Stars Above, I Closed My Eyes And Made A Wish To Send All My Love To You!

I Play The Game, I Play It Smart, My Energie Comes Form The Heart I Use My Head, I Move My Feet Don’t Mess With Me Im 100% Athlete!

I Ran Into My Ex The Other Day…Put In Reverse And Ran Into Him Again!

I Ran Up The Door, Closed The Stairs, Said My Pj’s And Put On My Prayers, Turned Off My Bed, Jumped Into The Light All Because You Kissed Me Goodnight!

I Realised Smiling Is The Third Best Thing To Do With My Mouth…Wanna Try The First Two?

I Refuse To Engage In The Battle Of Wits, As I Will Not Take Advantage Of The Handicapped!

I Said No To Drugs…But They Just Wouldn’t Listen!

I See You Looking At Me, I Can Tell That You Feeling me, So How About A Dance With Me?

I See You Next To Never, How Can We Say Forever, Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do, I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You, Whatever It Takes, Or How My Heart Brakes I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You!

I See You Next To Never…How Can We Say Forever?

I Set My Eyes On The Cutest Guy, Never Thinking He’s Make Me Cry!

I Smile Because I Have No Idea Whats Going On!

I Still Miss My Ex…But My Aims Improving!

I Tell Him Everythign I Mean Everythign But Why Can’t I Tell Him He Means Everything To Me?

I Think About You Day And Night…I Swear That You Were Mr. Right, I’ll Love You More Then You’ll Ever Know, Baby That’s Why I’ll Never Let You Go!

I Think It’s Weird When I Love You, I Think It’s Weird When I Care, I Think It’s Weird When I Want You, When You Don’t Even Know I Am There!

I Think I’ve Already Lost You I Think You Already Gone I Think Im Finally Scared Now You Think Im Weak, I Think Your Wrong!

I Thought I Could Trust You, You Said You Wouldn’t Lie…But You Ran Off With My Guy!

I Thought It Was Love But It Was Just Gas!

I Thought You Everythign You Know But Not Everything I Know!

I Told My Dad I Stopped Raising Hell And He Called Me A Quitter!

I Tried Sniffing Coke Once, But The Ice Cubes Got Stuck In My Nose!

I Wanna Be (Name)’s Boy!

I Wanna Be (Name)’s Girl!

I Wanna Be Barbie, That Bitch Has Everything!

I Wanna Die Peacefully In My Sleep Like My Grampas Did Not Like The Passanger In His Car!

I Want To Be A Millionaire!

I Want You…To Go Away!

I Wanted To Kill The Hottest Person Alive, But Then I Realised I Would Be Single!

I Wanted To Kill The Sexiest Person Alive, But Then I Realised That Suicide’s Not The Answer!

I Was Blind Before But I Opened My Eyes And Realised Your Words Are Just A Bunch Of Lies!

I Was Born A Bitch, It Took Years Of Dealing With Guys Like You To Make Me This Way!

I Was Born In The Heavens, Up In The Sky Sent Down To Earth Tu Put A Tingle In Yout Thigh!

I Was Born When You Kissed Me I Died When You Left Me But I Lived For The Two Months You Dated Me!

I Was Here For So Long, Now That You Want Me, I’ve Moved On Found Somebody new He’s Even Better Than You!

I Was Here Now Im Gone, Left My Name To Turn You On Those Who Knew Me Knew Me Well Those Who Didn’t Can Go To Hell!

I Was Positive I Was In Love With You I Was Positive It Was True, What The Heck Am I Supose To Do You Broke My Heart In Two!

I Was To Bad To Go To Heaven But When I Was In Hell I Hit On The Devil Too Much!

I Wasn’t Kissing Him (Or Her) I Was Checking For Cavities!

I Wasn’t Kissing Him (Or Her) I Was Just Telling His Lips A Secret!

I Went To Hell, I Went To Heaven I Came Back To Earth And Found No Where To Skate!

I Will Forever Love You, I Will Forever Cate, I Will Forever Live My Life Wishing You Were There And As For Long As I Live I Will Never Walk Away As Long As You Promise Me One Thing, If You Come TO ME You Will Stay!

I Will Not Chase The Boys, I Will Not Chase The Boys, I Will Not Chase The Boys…Unless They Provoke Me!

I Will Try To Be Nice, I Will Try To Be Naughty, I Will Try To Be Anythign If You Just Call Me Hottie!

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might Be The One For You Tonight!

I Wish That You Made Me Happier Than I Was Before But In Reality You Made Me Cry And You Won’t Get Another Try!

I Would Give You The Sun…The Moon…And All The Stars In The Sky But For Now Would You Take All My Love?

I Would Love To Marry A Lawyer Because You Know Your Always Gonna Get Screwed!

I Would Tell You To Go To Hell But All Dogs Go To Heaven!

I Wrote Your Name In The Sand But The Waves Washed It Away, Then I Wrote It In The Sky But, The Wind Blew It Away, So I Wrote It In My Heart And That’s Where It Will Stay!

I Wrote Your Name On A Paper But By Accident I Threw It Away, I Wrote Your Name On My Hand But I Washed It The Next Day, I Wrote Your Name In My Heat And That’s Where It Will Stay Forever!

I’d Explain It To You, But Your Brain Would Explode!

If A Guy Ever Tells You To Suck, Say Im Sorry I Choke On Small Things!

If Actions Speaks Louder Than Words…Then What Are You Trying To Tell Me?

If All Guys And Girls Were As Hot As You Earth Would Be Heaven!

If All My Girls Jumped Off A Bridge, I Wouldn’t Jump With Them…I’d Be At The Bottom To Catch Them!

If All The Girls Would Live Under The Sea…Oh What A Good Swimmer I’d Be!

If At First You Don’t Suceed Destroy All Evidence That You Tried!

If At First You Don’t Suceed then Fuck The World And Smoke Some Weed!

If At First You Don’t Suceed Then Try Again With Better Weed!

If Barbir Is So Popular Then Why Do You Have To Buy All Her Friends?

If Being Hot Wa A Sport I’d Be Playing Varisty!

If Being Sexy Is Felony, Arrest Me Im Totally Guilty!

If Being Ugly Was A Crime You Would Get A Life Sentence!

If Cheerleading Would Be Any Easier It Would Be Called Football!

If Doing It Is Bad…Then Why Does It Feel So Good?

If He Dies I Won’t Cru…I’ll Just Marry Another Guy!

If I Aint In Love With You Then What Am I Going Trough!

If I Called The Wrong Number…Why Did You Answer?

If I Could Be An Angel, I’d Make Your Every Wish Come True But I Am Only Human, Just A Girl Who’s Loving You!

If I Could Be Anything I Would Be Your Tear, So I Could Be Born In Your Eye, Live Down Your Cheek And Die On Your Lips!

If I Could Rearrange The Alphabet I’d Put U And I Together!

If I Die Before I Wake, At Least In Heaven I Can Skate!

If I Had A Star For Each Time I Thought About You I Would Have The Whole Galaxy In My Hands!

If I Had The Letters HRT I Could Add EA To Get Heart Or U To Get Hurt But I’d Rather Use U To Get Heart Than To Have A Heart Without A U

If I Like It…I Buy It, If I Don’t Like It…I Buy It, Hey! I Might Need It Tomorrow!

If I Throw A Stick Will You Leave?

If I Was A Dog And You Were A Flower I’d Lift My Leg High And Give You A Shower!

If Im A Slut Then What Does That Make You?

If Im Not Back In 5 Minutes…Wait Longer!

If Im The Princess Then Who Are You? The Joker?

If It Were Supose To Feel Good They Wouldn’t Call It A Crush!

If It Weren’t For You I Wouldn’t Come To School!

If It’s A Good Idea, Go Ahead And Do It, It’s Much Easier To Apologize Then It Is To Get A Permission!

If It’s Got Tires Or Testicles It’s Gonna Give You Problems!

If Life Were A Box Of Chocolates…I Wouldn’t Eat It!

If Love Isn’t A Game Then Why Are There So Many Players?

If Love Was A Law I Would Be In Prison For The Rest Of My Life!

If Love Was Like War Im Glad I Surrendered Myself To You!

If Loving You Is A Crime Then im A Criminal About To Do Sometime Unconditional…The Love I Have For You, So Please Forgive Me Because My Heart Is True!

If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right!

If Loving You Was Against The Law And Kissing Was A Crime I’d Gladly Spend My Life For You In Prison Doing Time!

If Noah Really Was Wise He Would Have Swatted Those Two Flies!

If Practice Makes Perfect, And There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Then Why Practice?

If Someone Gives You So Called Advice, Do The Opposite You Can Be Sure It Will Be The Right Thing Nine Out Of Ten Times!

If The Only Possible Way We Can Be Together Is In My Dreams…Then I’ll Sleep Forever!

If There Lipstick On Your Man’s Collar You Can Bet You Last Dollar I Made Him Hollar!

If Women Were Made To Chase Men Don’t You Think God Would Have Made Them Worth Chasing!

If Yesterday Brought The Beginning And Tomorrow Brings The End…Then Somewhere In The Middle We Came The Best Of Friends

If You Are The Flame You Can’t Be Burnt!

If You Be Sugar, I’ll Be Spice, If You Be Fire, I’ll Be Ice, If Your Cold, I’ll Make You Hot As Long As You Give Me All You’ve Got!

If You Blame Others For Your Failures, Do You Credit Them For Your Achievements?

If You Can’t Deal With It…Don’t Pretend!

If You Can’t Stop Breathing, You Can’t Stop Loving!

If You Can’t Take The Pain, Don’t Play The Game!

If You Don’t Like The Way I Drive…get Off The Sidewalk!

If You Don’t Like What You See…Oops, I Forgot Everyone Likes What They See When There Looking At Me!

If You Don’t Stand For Something You Will Fall For Everything!

If You Drink And Drive you’re a Bloody Idiot, And If You Make It Home you’re a Bloody Legend!

If You Feel The World Shake Don’t Worry It’s Only Me Making Your Man’s Heart Break!

If You Get A Chance To See Him, Your Heart Begins To Dance, Your Life Revolves Around Him Theres Nothing Like Romance!

If You Hate Me I Loce You Too, It Aint My Fault Im Cuter Than You!

If You Hate Me Why Do YoU Always Make Me The Center Of Your World!

If You Have Something To Say It To My Face, Not Behind Your Back!

If YoU Judge People You Have No Time To Love Them!

If You Kiss A Toad And It Becomes Into A Prince, I’ve Kissed Tons Of Guys Whens It Gonna Happen?

If You Kiss Me, I’ll Kiss You…If You Hug Me, I’ll Hug You, If You Leave Me I’ll Kill You!

If You Loive To Be 100, I Wanna Live To Be 100 And One Day So I Won’t Have To Live A Day Without You!

If You Love Me Let Me Know, Cause If You Don’t I Don’t Know Where To Go!

If You Love Me Let Me Know…If You Don’t…Then Let Me Go!

If You Love Me Like You Told Me Please Be Careful With My Heart You Can Take It, Just Don’t Break It Or My World Will Fall Apart!

If You Love Me Tell Me It’s True…If You Don’t I’ll Still Love You!

If You Love Someone Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Them Because It Might Just Happen!

If You Love Someone Put Their Name In A Circle Not In A Heart, A Heart Can Be Broken But A Circle Goes On Forever!

If You Love Someone That Means You Have A Good Heart If Someone Loves You That’s Flattering, If You Love Someone And They Love You Back That’s Special!

If You Love Your Man Set Him Free…If He Don’t Come Back You Know He’s With Me!

If You Mated A Bulldog And A Shitsu…Would You Call It A Bullshit?

If You Mess With The Best, You’ll Go Down With The Rest!

If You Need A Nickle, I’ll Give You A Dime, If You Need A Man Bitch Don’t Fuck With Mine!

If You Need Space Join NASA Baby!

If You Really Cared You Would Leave Me Alone!

If You Really Love Something Set It Free, If It Comes Back It’s Yours If It Doesn’t It Was Never Meant To Be!

If You Say I Can’t You Won’t If You Say I Quit, You Loose, If You Say I’ll try You Might Just Win But You Have The Power To Choose!

If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle Be A Sweetie And Wipe The Seatie!

If You Think Im A Bitch You Should See My Mom!

If You Wanna Get With Me And My Girls You’ll Have Fun I Bet, But I Must Warn You Were Little Playets!

If You Want Breakfast In Bed…Sleep In Your Kitchen!

If You Want Me To Fall For You, You Got To Be Worth Tripping Over!

If You Were A Booger, I’d Pick You First!

If You Were A Flower, I’d Pick You First!

If You Were A New Hamburger At Mc Donalds You Would Be Called McGorgeous

If You Were A Teddy Bear I’d Sleep With You!

If You Would Truly Care For Me…You’d Do What’s Best For Us!

If you’re here Then Who’s Guarding Hell?

If Your Going My Way I’ll Walk With You!

If Your Happy And You Know It…Get Out Of My House!

If Your Heart Is The Strongest Muscle Then Why Does It Break So Easily!

If Your Life’s A Bitch You Obviously Haven’t Met Me!

If Your Naughty Go To Your Room, If You Wanna Be Naughty Go To Mine!

If Your Nice Call Me Hunny, If Your Sweet Call Me Baby, If Your Ugly…Sorry I Gotta Go!

If Your Nice You Can Call Me Sweety, If Your Sweet You Can Call Me Hunny, If Your Hot You Can Call Me Tonight!

If Your Waiting For Tomorrow, Why Not Do It Today? Then If Tomorrow Never Comes, You’ll Surely Regret This Day!

If You’ve Been Naughty Go To Your Room, If You Want To Be Naughty Come To Mine!

Ignoring Girls Is Not The Answer!

I’ll Be Here When Your Crying, I’ll Be Here When Your Laughing, I’ll Even Be Here When Your Dying Cause I Wouldn’t Be Living If You Weren’t Here For Me!

I’ll Love You Forever I’ll Love You For Always As Long As Im Livin My Baby You’ll Be!

I’ll Take Care Of You And You Take Care Of Me, We Do That Forever And Happy We Will Be!

I’ll Try Anything Once…Twice If I Like It!

I’ll Try Being Nicer If You Try Being Smarter!

Im I Lazy I Add I Numbers IGether Then 4Get It!

Im 3I% Hottie, 15% Naughty, I8% Fine, I3% That I Bet You Wanna Be Mine And I% Innocent It All Equals Out To 100% Of What Your Man Wants!

Im 98% Beautiful And I% Crazy…Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Im A Bitch And I Got Class, Mess With Me I’ll Kick Your Ass For All You Hoes That Think Your Cool Just Remember Bitches Rule!

Im A Genie In A Bottle…You Better Rub Me The Right Way!

Im A Girl And you’re a Guy Need Any More Clues?

Im A Little Princess, I’ve Got Class So Give Me Shit I’ll Kick Your Ass So All you Hoes Who Think Your Cool, Think Again Cause I Just Rule!

Im An Angel Honest The Horns Are Just To Hold MyHalo Up Straight!

Im Away Crying, I Don’t Know What To Do…My Boy Aint Home And All I Have Is You!

Im Blonde…Whats Your Excuse?

Im Busy…Your Ugly…See Ya!

Im Convincing Myself, I’ll Find Someone New, I Won’t Be Alone And I Won’t Be With You, Your Waiting For Me To Crawl Back To Your Side But Not This Time, Im Keeping My Pride So Goodbye Forever I’ll Be On My Way It’s Gonna Take Time But I’ll Be Okay!

Im Cooler Than A Polar Beer’s Toenail’s

Im Falling For You..Please Catch Me!

Im Feeling A Little Off Today…Would You Mind Turning Me On?

Im Gonna Smile Like Nothing’s Wrong, Talk Like Everythigns Perfect Act Like It’s Just A Dream And Pretend He’s Not Hurting Me!

Im Having The Best Day Of My Life And I Owe It All To Not Going To School!

Im Home…Take Me Drunk!

Im In A Good Mood Right Now, Don’t Ruin It By Chatting With Me!

Im In Love With The One Man I Can’t Have And I Have The One Man I Can’t Love!

Im Just Like Heaven…Everyone Wants to Get To Me!

Im Like A Butterfly…Pretty To See But Hard To Catch!

Im Like A Cigarette…Very Addictive!

Im Like A Parking Ticket…I Have Fine Written All Over Me!

Im Lost, Ive Gone To Look For Myself So If I Get Back Before I Return Please Tell Me To Wait!

Im Loved By Some Hated By Many Envied By Most Yet Wanted By Plenty!

Im Not A Blonde Im Knot, Im Knot, Im Knot!

Im Not A Complete Idiot…Some Parts Are Missing!

Im Not A Dits, I Just Lack Common Sense

Im Not A Lie, Im Not An Illusion, Im An Angel Whats The Confusion?

Im Not A Tease, Im Just A Reminder Of What You Can’t Have!

Im Not A Toy So Don’t Play With Me!

Im Not A Whore Im Not I Just Got MoreTo Shake And Strut So All You Hoes Who Think Your It Compare To Me You Aint Nothin But Shit!

Im Not And Everythign Your Not!

im Not Blonde, Im Just Stupid!

Im Not Coming Back To You So Hunny Cry Me A River I Aint Apolagizing!

I’m Not Crying Cause He Dumped Me Im Crying Cause I Want Him Back!

Im Not Online, your computer Is Lying To You!

Im Not Opionated Im Just Always Right!

Im Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You!

Im Not Smiling, Im Trying Not To Laugh!

Im Not Stupid I Just Aint That Bright!

Im Not Supose To Live My Life Wishing You Were There!

Im Not Supose To Love You, Im Not Supose To Cate!

Im Not Supposed To Wonder Where You Are Or What You Do!

Im Not Weird Im Gifted!

Im Not Your Average, Everyday Princess!

Im On A Mission To Get Over You…In Other Words Mission Impossible!

Im Sexy, im Cute, Im Popular To Boot, Im Bitching, Great Hair The Boys All Love To Stare…Im Spicin Im Hot And Everything Your Not!

Im Smiling Because you’re my Sister And Laughing Because You Can’t Do Anything About It!

Im So Cool I Make Ice Jealous!

Im So Good At Sex…I Scream My Own Name!

Im So Hot I Make The Devil Sweat!

Im So Hot I Make Your Eyes Water So Here’s A Box Of Kleenexs!

Im So Hot That When I Go Outside The Snow Melts!

I’m Sorry Do I Look Like I Was Listening?

Im Sorry I Just Can’t Help Myself, I Fell In Love With You!

Im Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice Before You Mess With Me You Better Think Twice!

Im Sure You’ve Heard That Behind Every Great Guy Theres A Great Girl…Well Have You Heard That Behind Every Great Girl Is A Guy Starring At Her Behind!

Im Sweet As Heaven, Im Hot As Hell, Im The Finest Girl As You Can Tell!

IM Sweet Like Sugar, Soft Like Suade, But Unlike Nintendo I Never Get Played!

Im The Brightest Candle On The Birthday Cake!

Im Threw With Guys, They All Tell Lies, They Brake Your Heart And Make You Cry Luving Guy Is Such A Sin…Hey Check That Guy That Just Walked In!

Im Tired Of Trying, Im Tired Of Lying I Know I’ve Been Smiling But Inside Im Dying!

Im Wanted Im Hot, Im Everythign Your Not!

Im Ya Lovely Dovey Bedtime Player Call Me The Super Sexy Boogie Man Slayer!

Im…What’s Ur Excuse?

ImA Mind Shacking, Body Rocking, Money Making, Sitting High, Lookin Fly Kinda Honey!

Imagine Your Life Without Me…Miserable Huh?

Imma Genie In A Bottle, your Just A Tramp In A Lamp!

In Life Only One Person Gets To Shine, So Move Out Of My Way, Your Blocking My Light!

In Reality The Player Isnt Actually Playing The Other Person…He’s Playing Himself!

In Some Cultures What I Do Is Considered Normal!

In The Beginning There Was Nothin Then God Said Let There Be Light And There Was Still Nothing But You Could See It!

In The Cookies Of Like, Your Friends Are The Chocolate Chips!

In The End Only Kindness Matters!

Insanity Is Just Anger Put To Good Use!

Inspect My Gadget!

Instead Of Shoving Weeds In My Face Try Roses

Intelligence Is Like A River, The Deeper It Is The Less Noise It Makes!

Internet Boys…They All Seem Hot And Fly But Guess What They All Tell Lies!

Is Love When All Is Sane Sweet Is Death To Ride The Pain Cruel Is Death When All Is Well Cruel Is Love When All Is Hell!

Is That A Banana In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Is That Your face Or Has Your Ass Been Misplaced?

Is Their Such A Secret Place The Land Of Tears?

Is This Something That’s Gonna Last Or End Far To Soon!

Is Your Dad A Baker? Cause You Have Nice Buns!

Is Your Dad A Terrorist Because Baby Youre The Bomb!

Isnt Anybody Trying To Find Me, Won’t Somebody Please Take Me Home?

It Aint The Size Of The Ship It’s The Motion In The Ocean!

It Doesent Matter If You Win Or Loose It’s How Drunk You Get!

It Finally Happened That Special Someone I Love, Loves Me Too!

It Might Have Been True, I Did Love You Then You Changed So My Love Rearranged, You Went For My Friend So I Said It’s Over…The End!

It Takes A Few Minutes To Say Hello But Forever To Say Goodbye!

It Takes A Minute To Find Someone Special An Hour To Appreciate Them A Day To Love Them But An Entire Life To Forget Them!

It Takes Two People To Lie One To Lie And One To Listen!

It Was All Just A Joke, He Made It Into A Big Thing It Wasn’t Supose To Go This Far, He Thinks He’s Such A King!

It Will All Be Ok In The End And If It Aint Then it Aint The End!

It’s Always Better To Be Off Then To Be Done!

It’s An Nsync World BSB Just Live In It!

It’s Better To Be Hated For Who You Are Then To Be Loved For Someone Your Not!

It’s Hard To Believe That Moments That Brought Smiles To My Lips Now Bring Tears To My Eyes!

It’s Hard To Humble When Your This Hot!

It’s Hard To Tell Your Mind To Stop Loving Someone When Your Heart Still Does!

It’s Not An Attitude, It’s The Way I Am!

It’s Not As If Im Hard To Please, you’re the Only One Good Enough For Me Those Others Just Wont Do, I Don’t Like Anyone But You!

It’s Not Cheating If You Like What You Get!

It’s Not My Fault I fell For (Name) He Tripped Me!

It’s Not That Im A Loner…I Just Don’t Like You!

It’s Not The Length And It’s Not The Size, it’s How Many Times You Can Make It Rise!

It’s Quality, Not Quantity!

It’s True You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone But It’s Also True You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing Until It Arrives!

I’ve Always Got Something To Say, You Don’t Like It Stay Out Of My Way!

I’ve Got The Body Of a Hottie And a Booty Of a Cutie

I’ve Heard I’m A Good Kisser And There’s Only One Way To Find Out

I’ve Just Noticed You Looking At Me Across The Room…I’ll Give You A Minute To Catch Your Breath!

I’ve Said What I Needed To Say, I’ve Done What I Need To Do, Now What Ever Happened to Us…I Guess I’ll Leave It Up To You



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