MSN Names By Alphabat M

Madness Chases Some but Waits for Others…

Make Love Not War, On The Bed, On The Floor

Making Out is Not a Spectators Sport

Many Nights I’ve Cried From the Things You Do, Felt Like I Could Die From The Thought Of Losing You

Many Peopole Quit Look For Work When They Find a Job

Mars Revolves Around the Sun but the World Revolves Around Me!

May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits

May Your Like be like Toilet Paper…Long and Useful

Maybe He’s Hot, Maybe He’s Cute, But If he’s Not, Who Gives a Squat?

Maybe I Really Loved You, Ha Ha Aren’t I Cute When I Lie?

Mc (name) On The Mic Given You A Bit of What You Like

Me and My Boy Broke Up ‘cause of Religion, He thought He Was God and I didn’t

Me, You, Whipped Cream, Handcuffs! No Questions?

Meaner Than The Devil, Colder Than Ice, I’m Describing a Boy That’s Not Very Nice

Meeting You Was Faith, Becoming You’re Friend Was a Choice, but Falling In Love With You was Beyond My Control

Men are Kings, Kings are Rulers, Rulers and 30 cm Long Still Think You’re a Man?

Men are Not Pigs…Pigs are Cute, Conciderate and Caring

Men Have Only Two Faults…All They Say and All They Do!

Men Kick Friendship Around Like a Football and It Doesn’t Seem to Crack. Women Treat It Like Glass and it Falls to Pieces

MENtal Anxiety, MENtal Breakdowns, MENstrual Cramps, MENopause…Did you Ever Notice How All Women’s Problems Begin with MEN?

Milk Does the Body Good but Damn How Much Did You Drink?

Miror’s Can’t Talk, and Luck For You They Can’t Laugh Either!

Mirror, Mirror Don’t Lie to me…Tell Me What You Really See…

Mirros Don’t Talk and Lucky for You They Don’t Laugh!

Mommy and Daddy Think You’re Precious but Man You’re Wild!

Money and Looks Aren’t Everything…But it’s All I Got!

Monkeys are Cute and Fuzzy, Boys are Cute and Lazy!

Most Girls Say Good Guys Finish Last…But In My Heart They Finish First

Moving On Is Simple…It’s What You Leave Behind That’s So Hard

Music Is a Deaf Man’s Life, Like Porn To A Blind Man!

My Best Assets…Stick Out In Front of Me

My Boyfriend Kisses Much Better Then Yours

My Door is Always Open, So Feel Free to Leave Anytime!

My Fantasy Has Turn To Madness, All My Goodness Has Turned to Badness My Needs to Have You Has Taken My Soul, My Heart Is Trembling, I’ve Just Lost Control

My Friends Are Like My Clothes, I Just Can’t Get Enough of Them!

My Heart Was Taken By You…Broken By You…And Now it is in Pieces Because of You!

My Life is Like an Egg…I’m Either Getting Smashed or Laid

My Mom Told Me Never Take Candy From Strangers, But Strangers Have the Best Darn Candy!

My Mother Told Me Not to Talk To Strangers, I Never Talk to Myself Anymore!

My Name Ain’t Elmo But You Can Tickle Me If You Want

My Teacher Said I could Become Anything So I Became Drunk!

My Trust is Like a Miror Once it’s Broken 7 Years Bad Luck…You Broke My Trust, SO Now You’re In Trouble

My X is Back In My Heart, What Can I Do? Say I Love You?

Mystify People with Your Intelligence and If You Can’t Do That Mystify Them With Your Bullshit!



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