MSN Names By Alphabat N

Never Argue With an Idiot. They Drag You Down to Their Level and Then Beat You With Experience!

Never Fall in Love With the Guy Next Door…Trust Me He’ll Move!

Never Fight With an Ugly Person, They Have Nothing to Loose!

Never Say Sorry For What You Meant To Do

Never Spit in a Fan, It’ll Come Back at You!

Never Try To Teach a Pig to Sing…It Will Just Waste Your Time and Annoy The Pig!

Never Wanna Fall Asleep at Night ‘cause Reality is Better then Dreaming

Never Wish On A Star More Than Once ‘cause Your Luck Always Runs Out!

Next Time You Think You’re Perfect, Try Walking On Water!

Nice Pants, Can I Test The Zipper?

Nice Perfume…Why Marinate In It?

Night Are Too Long and I’m Cold Here Without You

No Actors, No Scripts, Reharsal….Just Life!

No Boy is Worth Your Tears and The One Who Is, Wont Make You Cry!

No Matter How Hard You Try You Can’t Fall Off the Floor

No Officer There’s No Blood In My Alcohol System!

No One Can Tell Me What To Do, It’s My Life I’ll Live It The Way I Want To!

No Where On Your Birth Certificate Did It Say Life Would Be Fair!

Nobody is Perfect So Please Stop Trying

Nobody’s Perfect, Therefore I Must Be a Nobody

Normal People Worry Me

Not the Brightest Candle on the Birthday Cake Now Are We?

Not the Brightest Crayon In the Box Now Are We?

Nothing Is More Painful Then Realizing He Meant Everything to You and You Ment Nothing to Him!

Notice Me? ‘cause Your boyfriend is about too…



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