MSN Names By Alphabat O

Officer, I Swear to Drunk I’m Not God!

OK, Angels are All Good and Stuff? Where’s The Fun In That?

On The Other Hand, You Have Different Fingers

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

One Day it Finally Came True, I Saw the One I Trully Loved and That one was you

One Day It Finally Came True, The Special Someone That I Loved, Loved Me Too and That Special Someone Was You

One Day Your Prince Will Come, Mine Just Took a Wrong Turn, Got Lost and Is To Stubborn to Ask for Directions

One Night or One Call, My Love For You Will Never Fall

One Person Owns the Key to My Heart…Too Bad He Won’t Unlock It!

One Vodka…Two Vodka…Three Vodka…Floor….

Only Little Boys Who Call Themselves Men Say I Love You and Don’t Mean It

Our Bodies Are Miles Apart But We Are Together At Heart

Our Eyes Are Placed in Front Because It Is More Important to Look Ahead Than to Look Back!



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