Nick Name MSN Messenger

I know you think you broke my heart know you think you made me cry, but guess what? NOT EVERY PLAYA IS A GUY!

I know you think you broke my heart, but I knew your game right form the start saw your game and played it too so laugh it all up playa the joke was on you!

Until the stars in the sky don’t shine…(name here) will forever be mine!

God made coffee. God made tea..God made (name here) just for me!

Condoms arn’t completely safeà A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus.

Was there a rainbow today… its jus coz i fink i jus found the treasure at the end!!!

IÆm a little princess, IÆve got class, so give me shit and IÆll kick your ass, so all your hoes who think ur cool, think again cos I jus rule!

The abominable hoe-man

Excuse me, I think I dropped something… MY JAW!

If you were a new hamburger at mcdonalds you would be mcgorgeous

Look at the shirt tag..(what are you doing?) checking to see if you were made in heaven

You’re so hot, you melt the elastic in my underwear!

It’s not that I’m a loner… I just don’t like you

Roses are red, Violets are blue. If I had your face, I’d be in the zoo!

Are you free 2night or is it gonna cost me?

Is YoUr DaD a HuNtEr? CuZ u HaVe A nIcE rAcK!

Is YoUr DaD a BaKeR? CuZ u HaVe NiCe BuNs!

Do you have jelly cause I’d like to spread it own your biscuits all night!

I lost my number, can I have yours?

Does your father, the baker, need help buttering buns tell him i would like the job.

Look at us shakin our booties me and my chicas are pure cuties

I fell head over heals for you, i know other positions to

Can I take a hike down your happy trail

Your legs must be extremely tired cause they’ve been runing thru my mind all day

I’ve heard im a good kisser and theres only 1 way to find out

Don’t stick your tongue out unless you intend to use it

Theres 3 types of ppl! those who CAN count n those who CANT!

Me, you, whipped cream, handcuffs! ne questions?



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