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You don’t fail if you fall, you fail if you don’t try to get up.

If its a good idea, go ahead and do it, its much easier to apologize then it is to get permission


Tonite, i’ll ask the stars above, how will i ever win u’r love, what do i do, what do i say, to turn your angel eyes my way?*

Honk if you love Britney Spears, then drive your car into the nearest tree!

You think ur so cool u think ur all that well ppsshh whuts up with that?

Everthing bright when they get mad they explode when they are happy they make everthing glow

Girls are like fireworks there kiss lights up the night there hugs make

If I had a star for everytime you brightened my day…I’d be holding the galaxy in my hands

I am only ( age ) but I act like 18 and to all my friends out there, you know what I mean, Us girls play around with with these things called boyz, But they use us girls as designated toys!

Guys r Players… and thats a fact… Dont fall n love… just play ‘em back!

You Know I’m a Cutie, You know you like my BOOTIE

True friends are loving, true friends care, and at the end the true friends are always there!

Dont worry about knowing people, make yourself worth knowing!

This day was a total waste of make-up!

Sarcasm keeps you from telling people what you really think of them!

I looked him in the eye, looked down at his lips, moved closer to him and gave him a kiss!

Dont hate the player…hang around him so you can get leftovers…

Don’t go for looks, they deceive, don’t go for money, wait, go for money then when its gone, move on to the next guy!

If it were supposed to feel good they wouldn’t call it a crush!

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!

Too Many Stars In The Sky, Too Many Tears that have Left My Eyes, Too many Boys out in the Blue, But they are Nothing compared to You

I know I’ve been blessed cause I’m a pretty princess!

Until water cant be boiled, I will always be very spoiled!

If you judge people, you have no time to love them!

I am actually quite pleasant…till i’m awake!!

Huked on foniks wurket fer me, kant cha tell?

Sometimes I think im so romantic, I could marry myself.


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MSN Messenger Nick Names

Im tired of trying, im tired of lying, i know ive been smiling but inside im dying

God made butter, God made cheese, God made me for you to please!

If your heart is the strongest muscle why does it break so easily?

I love when you look at me, cause I know for a second I crossed your mind

Somewhere there’s someone who’s dreaming of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while. So when you are lonely remember it’s true, Somebody Somewhere is thinking of you!

Give me a kiss, give me the world, give me your love and i’ll be your girl. Give me a smile, give me your time, give me your love and i’ll give you mine

I’ll be here when your crying, I’ll be here when your laughing, I’ll even be here when your dying, cause I wouldn’t be living if you weren’t here for me

To all my friends I love u so..u give me all the strength to grow …a true friendship will never die unless it is all a lie

Why is it than wen a boi is a playa, hes considered a pro but when a girl tries da game sheÆs considered a hoe

Virginity is like a balloon, 1 prick and it’s gone

Every time I fall in love…I fall for someone new…Still I always find myself…falling back in love with you!!!

Tears Are Words The Heart Can’t Say

You can close your eyes to things you dont want to see, but u cant close your heart to things you dont want to feel.

Love Is Like Missing Someone When Ur Apart But Somehow Feeling Warm Inside Bcuz Ur Close In Heart

You dont see me*n u dont need me*n u dont love me the way I wish u would*The way I know u could

Since nobody’s perfect, I guess I’m nobody.

If you kiss me I’ll kiss you, if u hug me I’ll hug you, if u leave me I’ll kill you.

A friend will bail u out of jail but a best friend will be there with u saying, Damn that was fun!

Didnt wanna see this day come now all I wanna do is turn and run didnt wanna have to cry now he cant even look me and da eye well. Now its his his turn to be hurt cause I wont take being treated like dirt a girl will only take so much and now hunnie your

Friends are 4ever, Guyz are whatever, When worst comez 2 worst, My girlz come 1st!

I know at Graduation Day I’m gonna cry, becuz I know I found friends that are true till I die.

He holds me when I start to cry, Makes me smile with just his eyes, shares my hopes, dreams, fears, whipes aways all my tears, Iove him with out regret, I just haven’t found him yet

If I like it, I buy it…If I don’t like it, I buy it..Hey I might like it tomorrow.

I beleive in the devil cause I am the devil

See that man he is mine, Try to touch him and i’ll kick your behind!

I would love to marry a lawyer cuz u know ur always gonna get screwded!

I want you… to go away

Flirting isn’t a sin… it’s a hobby.

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